Vision Tests

Vision Tests

There are all types of vision; aspiration and creative visions, hallucinogenic visions during that collegiate experimental phase, and just plain eye-ball vision. Since film is a visual medium, make sure your eyeballs are prepared to see the wonderful things we’re producing, and then find your spirit-vision-animal.

Giraffes:Running giraffe

“Staring seems to be a favorite form of giraffe communication. There are what look to human observers like hostile stares, come-hither stares, go-away stares, there’s-an-enemy stares.”

Polar Bears:Polar-bear-HD-Wallpapers-Free-Download-1

Polar bears have special adaptations that help them to see underwater. Like many other marine mammals, they have a clear inner “eyelid” called a nictitating membrane that protects their eyes and serves as a second lens when they are underwater.

The Mantis Shrimp:2013-04-Mantis-Shrimp-Green-Wallpaper-HD

The Mantis shrimp has one of the most complex eye structures in the Animal Kingdom, with a ridiculous 16 color receptive retinal cones. Humans have three. WHAT?

Bald Eagle:bald-eagle-wallpaper-3

Bald Eagles have two foveae or centers of focus, that allow the birds to see both forward and to the side at the same time.


Moles’ eyes play a crucial role in controlling their body clocks which let the underground mammals know the time of day and time of year.


Spiders usually have eight eyes (some have six or fewer), but few have good eyesight. They rely instead on touch, vibration and taste stimuli to navigate and find their prey.

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