As the first Solar Powered set in Bellingham, After Forever believes in the Do No Further Harm definition of sustainability, and it’s or goal to meet our present filmmaking needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. You wouldn’t want to give your kid a pre-melted ice cream cone, would you? Neither would we! We root for solid ice cream and a healthy Earth here, which is why we emphasize our collective sustainAbility.

SustainAbility doesn’t mean we all chug organic kale smoothies and refuse to ride in cars, it means we are all responsible for recognizing and acting upon our own capacity to take care of the Earth, no matter how small an act might seem.


Each crewmember has a reusable water bottle to avoid wasting plastic bottles on set.

We re-source nearly 75% of our building materials for sets, costumes, and props.

80% of the food we bring on set is locally sourced and organically grown.

We compost just about every darned thing we can’t eat or recycle through Bellingham Sanitary Services.

With one solar panel on set and another soon to come, we’ve taken our first giant leap towards eradicating our carbon footprint by lighting our sets and charging our batteries with sun power!

In the Future

We hope to reach 100% sustainability through solar and wind powered generators, future-cars and locally sourced food. Are we there yet? Heck no. But it’s our goal to make sure every step we take is as eco-conscious as possible while still delivering high quality content.

Our real dream is that ten years from now, when we’re fully equipped with high-efficiency lighting equipment, recyclable camera batteries, and fueled entirely by renewable energy, people won’t tolerate anything less.

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