Honest To Goodness

For us at After Forever, it’s not just about making the ordinary something extraordinary; it’s about the way we DO it. Quality comes first for us, not only in the shots we get or the scenes we write, but in the way we approach the project and in the way we treat each other. Season One was our first production over 15 minutes in length, and it was a huge stretch for all of us. It challenged our technical abilities, our patience, and our bed times, and what held the whole show together was our unquenchable thirst to learn more so that we could do more.

There’s an indescribable exuberance that comes from nailing a shot or delivering a line just right. For us, this indescribable exuberance usually involves a lot of jumping up and down, laughing, and high fiving, and it’s that little extra magic that brings us back to film day after day.

That quidditas, that inexplicable HECK YES is what we’re all about, and part of how we do that is through honesty. We don’t BS ourselves when something’s not good enough, and we’re eager to share when we know something’s great. There’s always something to be learned, and the collaborative environment we’ve created allows for an intellectual and emotional transparency that keeps us positive all the way through each project.

We understand there’s no flawless way to run a film set, and instead of getting hung up on all the shoulds and shouldn’ts of how other people film, we do it our way, by bringing unimpeded joy from our table to yours. Honest to goodness.

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