Season 2

On May 22, 2015, the After Forever Team raised over $10,000 through Kickstarter to make Season 2.

The campaign was widely shared, and many people commented that the campaign video was the best they’d ever seen. The Kickstarter brought in a new fan base, built a community, and gave After Forever the solid foundation it had been searching for. At last! They were ready to begin their work on a magical second season!

But they were not prepared for the road ahead.

Led by creator Natalie Fedak, the After Forever team was comprised of a ragtag team of film adventurers;  people who put in their 40 hours during the work week and who gave time to After Forever whenever they could spare it. They built sets. They built props. They crafted costumes and characters more beautiful than words could tell.

But the path they were on was too steep. The script was too grand. Despite the support and financial backing of their Kickstarter donors, Season 2 of After Forever was too big a beast for Natalie and her team to handle. But driven beyond hope, they pressed on. They spent four months in pre-production, and they filmed for 5 days. But it was like watching a three-legged dog chase a deer. The attempt was heartfelt, but futile.

And eventually, the beast became too much. It was time to walk away.

In October, Natalie posted on the Kickstarter page:

“Season 2 of After Forever has been indefinitely postponed. There are countless reasons for this decision, and in this video, I did my best to explain the conditions and factors that led up to this choice. The video below is long, but it is the best I can do to explain the struggles that After Forever and I have had. (It also has snippets of some of the footage we’ve been able to take.)”

And so, After Forever has been frozen in ice, and may never thaw. The crew are stepping away to work on other projects, to recover, and to learn from their experience with Season 2.

But, just because they could not share the story with a camera right now doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be able to see it in their own imaginations. The scripts for season 2 are posted under Season 2 in the “Scripts” tab, and the team heartily invites you to share in the magic that inspired them to dare the impossible.

Here is the only complete scene the team was able to complete, from Episode 5:

This is the first time in 600 years Cade and her childhood friend Pax have spoken one-on-one. Cade thought Pax died in the dragon fire that killed her parents, and Pax has secretly been keeping himself alive with magic tea, accompanied by his friend Reginald, who is a rock.

Thank you for joining us on the journey this far. You never know where the future might lead.