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600 years ago Cade fought and slayed the Dragon of Dunville, and as a reward for her efforts, she was blessed with immortality so she might reign as the People’s Guardian. But now, with all the dragons and fell creatures in hiding, there is no need for her and fighting crime gives her a headache. Joined by Tucker, a twenty something graphic designer and Lord of the Rings Fanatic, and Rich Fuker (FOO-kay), a 60 year old businessman who invented an anti-aging cream that gives him the appearance of eternal youth, After Forever Season One follows Cade on her quest to find the sorceress who blessed her and reverse the spell. The entire first season is available on YouTube and on our website, and we invite you to check it out!

In Production:

After Forever Season Two picks up right where we left off in season one: the dragon scale worked! After 600 years at the People’s Guardian, Cade is mortal and finally free to fulfill her life long dream of opening Lady Scone Hearts’ Bakery. But when a handsome warlock from Cade’s youth reappears and threatens to destroy modern society and return to the old, magical ways, Cade’s bond with Tucker and modern life is put to the test in our particular brand of fantastical realism.

The Vision:

The first season was produced purely for the joy of filmmaking by a team of full time students at Western Washington University on a budget of $300. With all the joy that season one created, our freshly graduated writer, director and producer Natalie Fedak and her team are eager to unite their learning with an actual budget to create their best screen adventure yet.

With their commitment to SustainAbility, After Forever will be the first film production in Bellingham utilizing solar energy to charge equipment, and with every crew member composting, recycling, eating local food, and using re-fillable water bottles, their goal is to become the most Earth friendly set North of Seattle.


Natalie wrote After Forever for many reasons, but a chief motivation was to see audiences react to a woman written as a conventionally male archetype (ie, warrior, guardian). BOOM: Cade. Similarly, Natalie wondered how people would accept a more emotional, supportive male character, since the gender stereotypes in Hollywood are equally pervasive for men. Enter: Tucker. Her mission wasn’t to swap the archetypes just for giggles, it was to subvert the way we label certain traits as male or female, and show that every trait is simply “human.” Based off people’s reactions to season one, audience humans liked it when movie humans felt human, and we won’t provide anything less.

The Impact:

We were honored to be selected as an Editor’s Pick on The Web Series Channel‘s website, ( and the first season premiered in front of over 100 people at Western Washington University at a live screening. Since then, After Forever has been included in the Middle Women Film Festival, and the Bellingham Film Festival’s online database.

For more information, or to schedule a personal or over-the-phone interview with Series Creator, Natalie Fedak, please contact

One thought on “Press

  1. says:

    Hello Natalie, I have been checking back and forth for season 2. I was sad to hear the bad news and hope and pray that you will heal and rest your body. I am glad I got to meet you all when I auditioned for season 2. And wish you the best, and take a brake but don’t give up on your dream, keep writing and just give yourself time. I’m the one who rode the motorcycle over. Thank you for you input it was very helpful.

    Take Care,
    Cylinda McAlister (Sequim WA)

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