An Official Scone Sponsor!

Another After Forever dream has come true: We have an official scone sponsor! Bellingham’s Mount Bakery has partnered with After Forever to provide their delicious Marionberry Oat Scones for all our scone-ish needs. These are by far the best scones in town and you can snag one for yourself at either of their Bellingham bakeries, or at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Block ad

We Slayed the Budget

Hey everyone,

It’s Natalie, and I am overwhelmed by the positive outpour we received for After Forever this past week. Not only did we slay our budget with the Kickstarter campaign, we buried it deep, and I want to thank each and every person who donated or shared the campaign. It is extremely empowering to have so many people enjoy something I’ve created, and equally inspiring to know I’m not alone in the pursuit of this story.

The success of this Kickstarter is a huge step, not only for After Forever, but for me as an artist and business woman. It’s sort of like I’ve leveled up, and as a result, I’ve unlocked new gear, new people, and new possibilities. I’m excited to explore the next tier of low-budget film making, but I am going to need your patience and understanding as I learn to navigate this new terrain. Since I am a self taught filmmaker, most of my skills have come from trial and error on set. But now that we’re going to have a more professional set, the margin for error is much smaller, and there will be a steep learning curve as I adjust to the new standards that I’ve set for myself. Already I feel that my first learning experience is how to let go of responsibilities that detract from my main focus. Until now, I’ve produced all our content, managed our website and maintained social media, but if I try to continue all this during the second season, there will be nothing left of me but an empty puddle of skin.

I don’t want to be an empty puddle of skin.

My first step is to figure out how to let go of just enough control, to trust other people to handle different aspects of production, and still uphold the creative vision that I have for After Forever. That is my creative task, and I am ready to take it on.

(What will help me relinquish certain tasks is remembering that by letting other people help, I’ll allow myself the time to go outside and enjoy the other important elements in life.)

So, as we progress with pre-production, I invite you to read this blog an learn with me as I take on the newest dragon in my life: After Forever Season 2.

Fan Mail

Here’s a shout out to Shannon Gagnon for being the first fan to leave a comment on the Fan page after our website re-launch! We hope this hand written letter is to your satisfaction, and that you have had a giggle from something on our new website.

Ooh La la! A new look!

Yes indeed, we’re moving up in the world! (Visually at least)

With our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign and a Second Season on the way, we figured it was time for a real deal functional After Forever website, so voila!

It’s still heavily under development, but we encourage you to give us feedback on pages you’d like to see and content you feel is missing so we can work them in. Leave us a comment below if you have any ideas.



We’re not going to give it away, sillies, but there is indeed a full plot ready for workshopping and outlining! The only thing we WILL say at this point, is that everything is bigger; the conflicts, the consequences, the scale, the messages. There will be several new faces, several old but lovely faces, and our hope is that Season 1 looks like a mere sneeze compared to the hurricane that will be Season 2.

Time to put our hankies away and prepare for the gales!

Disney World x After Forever= ???

Hey folks! Natalie here, taking a break from working on the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney World (what a name, right?) to give you an update about our dear show After Forever. But in order to do that, I’ve gotta give you a quick update about what I’ve been up to. 

At the moment, I’m sitting in a six person apartment on Disney property, accompanied by the residual overflowing garbage bin and food smells inherent with sharing a small space with so many people. Perhaps my favorite example of the living situation arrived with a new roommate. She just moved in a couple days ago, and so far I have only seen her bare-legged in her undies. I admire her free spirit, and her seemingly endless collection of undergarments.

This is my first time living in Florida, and as of now I am still confused as to why people live here. I’ve been promised that the weather will cool down as the seasons change (meaning, when the seasons change everywhere outside of Florida), that the humidity will fade and that my skin will cease to melt like an ice cream cone. Especially coming from Bellingham, where the hottest days are maybe in the upper nineties in which case there’s a cool lake to jump into, this heat has been the toughest part of the move so far. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job out here. Disney World is literally the largest production in the world, with 70,000 “cast members” working in one little area to create happiness and entertainment for every single guest. Every que-line is part of the show, and  every word is chosen specifically to enhance the atmosphere of the location. I have found myself particularly drawn to the trash cans in the parks, because they are all modeled for their specific lands and rides, down to the texture, sheen and personality of each attraction–but I’ll save that affection for a different time.

Essentially, I am in the world’s best classroom for production value, and for learning how to make genuine connections with the people who support what you do. This is why I came here, and even though Disney World seems like a leap away from my film work and After Forever, it is actually the best possible place I could be right now. My job here is to make magic. If I can do it in a park, on a ride, then I can do it on a screen with a script. 

So truly, the toughest part of this experience has been the lesson in patience. It is taking all my strength to hold off writing season 2. The more I think about it, the more my fingers ache for the keyboard, but I have responsibilities on the Mt. Marathon documentary I’ve alluded to in previous posts, as well as my job here. My film partner Max Romey and I are a few weeks a way from launching a crowd funding campaign, and right now that takes precedent over dragons and scones. Also, I am working about 40 hours a week here at Disney, and even though those hours fly by, they detract from the time and energy I have for writing. On top of that, I tend to go all out with my dance moves when I work crowd control during the Frozen Fireworks show, and though several guests have filmed my dancing antics (they are quite silly), I am often too pooped to work on my own film projects. 

But, it’s only been a couple weeks, and as the weather “gets better”,  and I find my stride out here, I’ll be bustin’ my buns on both the Mt. Marathon Documentary and After Forever. In the meantime, I’d appreciate your understanding and support, and I’m going to try to post about my experiences here at Disney every week or so.

So please, stay tuned, and stay sconed.




Our writer/director/lead actress celebrated her 21st birthday this past weekend! Let's all wish her a happy, healthy new year. (And for her to get cracking on season 2...hint hint...)

Our writer/director/lead actress celebrated her 21st birthday this past weekend! Let’s all wish her a happy, healthy new year. (And for her to get cracking on season 2…hint hint…)


We are thrilled to announce that After Forever has somehow landed on the website, not only as a new featured webseries, but as an EDITOR’S PICK!!! That means that several strangers out there liked our series enough to slap a nice red banner on our thumbnail and provide even more traffic towards our channel. This is our biggest success yet, and another great reason to come back for a second season!