The Story



“This is Cade. Today is her six hundred and twenty third birthday. She wishes for a new pair of boots, a new hoof pick for her horse, Ted, and to take down this robber so she can have a blueberry scone with her afternoon tea.”

And so it begins…

Cade, a strong and fearless warrior from 1491, slayed the Dragon of Dunville when she was only twenty-three years old. As a reward for her heroic feat, Cade was blessed with immortality so she might reign forever as the People’s Guardian.

However, come 2014, with dragons in hiding and her family deceased, there’s nothing for the People’s Guardian to do. Plus the evil that used to get her blood a-pumpin’ just gives her a headache, so she wants out.

After Forever Season One follows Cade on her quest to find the sorceress who blessed her and reverse the spell. She is joined by two up-beat companions, Tucker, a twenty something graphic designer and World of Warcraft Fanatic, and Rich Fuker (FOO-KAY), a 60 year old businessman who invented an anti-aging cream that gives him the appearance of eternal youth.



“Mortal time!”

Season two picks up right where we left off in season one: The dragon scale worked! After 600 years at the People’s Guardian, Cade is mortal and finally free to fulfill her life long dream of opening Lady SconeHearts’ Bakery. But in a world where modern technology and disposable culture have forced most wizards, dragons and other magical beings into hiding, it’s up to Cade to bridge the gap between the simple, magical culture she once belonged to and the fast paced present in which she’s found herself.

But when a handsome warlock from Cade’s youth reappears and threatens to destroy modern society and return to the old, magical ways, Cade’s bonds with Tucker, modern life, and bakery retirement are put to the test in our particular brand of fantastical realism.

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