About Us

After Forever was created by Natalie Fedak as her culminating senior project in the Honors Program at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. With no budget to speak of, the first season was filmed with sheer will power and love by a team of over 40 students and community members who rallied together to bring our scone-obsessed heroine to your screen. Since it’s release, the series has found a dedicated fan base, been selected as an Editor’s Pick on Web Series Channel.com, and is moving forward with a second season. Huzzah!

Also huzzah worthy is our team’s focus on sustainability: we compost and recycle everything on set, we carpool or bike to meetings and shoots, and we are slowly collecting the parts for an off-grid solar power system, which would make us Bellingham’s first solar powered film production! Woot woot!

To learn more about the After Forever story, visit The Story page. To learn more about the fabulous humans behind the show, visit The Team page.

Right now, the team is hard at work on a Kickstarter that will help us raise funds for Season 2, so stay tuned for ways you can become a part of our team! If you liked what we did in Season 1 with no budget, imagine what we could do in season 2 with a budget!


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