People want More!!!

After receiving a lot of spontaneous compliments about After Forever this past week, I’m thinking more and more about gearing up for a second season. Ive been acting for another fantasy webseries that’s being filmed in Bellingham called Dark Darkness, and it’s been nice to hear positive feedback from people working on a project similar to After Forever, and from people in the film community. Most excitingly, they’re all asking for more. 

On the other end of the audience spectrum, a complete stranger contacted me about the series, saying he loved it, wanted to see more of it, and has offered to construct a legitimate website for After Forever! (This blog is nice, but’s it’s no website.) 

So, I’m starting to see that there is a real audience for our little show; one that will only continue to grow, and one that will help make another season possible. 

Right now I am still working very intensely on the Alaskan documentary I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, and since I can’t abandon my duties or my film partner, it’s nice that the skill sets overlap. For instance, we’re gearing up for a kickstarter to support post-production on the Alaska film, and whatever I learn from that experience will go toward making a crowd funding attempt with After Forever stronger than I could make it right now. 

So, while I can’t devote all the time I’d like to After Forever right now, I’m busy improving my directing, writing, producing and marketing skills with this other project, so that when Season two rolls around, it will be EPIC. 



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