Season 2? A Note From Natalie

Hey there!

I’m on day three of a three week documentary production following the ridiculous 87-year-old Mt. Marathon Race in Seward, Alaska and it feels nice to be working on a film project again. True, it’s only been two weeks since I’ve stepped away from post-production on After Forever, but I love producing. My partner Max and I got to interview an Olympic athlete today, as well as two other almost inhumanly fit competitors, and there’s something so gratifying about putting the framework of a project in place and getting to see it filled in by other talented people. My main responsibilities so far have been conducting athlete interviews, donations, scheduling athlete interviews, and collaborating with Max on the story element of the documentary. Even though we can’t predict the outcome of a documentary, since the story hasn’t yet been written, we get to decide how the story is told, and finding the artistry within this different genre of film has given me lots to think about for my own projects.

Speaking of…

After Forever, season 2 anybody?

So far, the crew and I have only been hearing good things, and everyone we talk to is eager to know what will happen next. We’ve had quite a few people ask when the second season will air. Well, that’s going to depend on you all. If you enjoyed After Forever want to see more, then we will start a crowd-funding campaign so that we can put together a legitimate production budget. (Season 1 was filmed for less than $400, which is ridiculously little for all that we did.)

Imagine what we can do with a second season if we have a real budget–if we can pay a full-time crew, buy the rights to more locations, more costumes, add production value in every little shot, and feed the crew on more than scones and smiles. And imagine what I can do as a director when I’m not taking sixteen credits at a university! It’s not that season one was bad, but there were so many other things competing for my attention (like graduating), and I would love to get the chance to come back to a story I cherish as much as After Forever, to step back into Cade’s character and produce a season 2 with nothing else in my way. There’s already a story line fighting to get out of my head and onto some paper, and several cast and crew members have already been hankering for another go. My directing and production skills are being sharpened by my current Alaskan endeavors, and I can’t wait to see the connections I’ll make during my fall job at Disney World. I’m at a point in my life where I could go a thousand different ways and find a project in each direction that would make me happy. But I want another season of After Forever.

Do you?

Thanks for your support so far; it would mean a lot if you could leave a comment for us–there’s a link at the top of the post!




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