Lots of Learning

With only four days in between shoots, I’ve been struggling to balance my schoolwork and my compulsion to work on the production. For example, I should be reading a book about African Scriptural literature, but here I am, typing this post because “It’s for the good of production.” And once I’m done here, I’ll be drawing more story boards for filming this weekend.  

It sure sounds like procrastination, but it feels like love.


I love this project. I love the story, the characters, the costumes, the crew, the cast, the crappy sketches that comprise my story boards (and excessive alliteration it seems). When I am working on this film, I feel good. It’s a challenge with endless lessons, and the slings and arrows of outrageous production have toughened me into a more effective leader and imagineer. The things I’ve already gained have made the project more than worth the effort that’s gone into it, and I hope I’m not over stepping my bounds when I say that goes for the crew as well. 

My main source of stress from this production is that I can’t devote to it completely. I am a full time student with a 17 hour course load, and I like to think of myself as a full time friend to the people I’ve met during my time at Western. But, with so much of my energy going into After Forever, I have significantly slacked in these latter duties, which is as big a learning experience as the project. I am not falling behind in any of my classes, but in the past, school was always a top priority, and it feels very strange to not be as adamant about academics as I’m used to. Similarly, none of my friends have vanished. They understand this is a busy time for me, and I acknowledge that many of them are equally as busy, but I fear I am bordering the line between “busy” and “neglectful”. 

It would be so lovely to put school and social responsibilities on hold, to go all out for a few more weeks on this webseries, then rejoin the world where it left off. But since I have neither a magic remote control nor Hermione’s magic time-turner charm, it looks like I’m in for more learning while I work to balance these areas of life. 


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