A Note From Natalie

Wow, the second week of filming for After Forever. It seems quite odd that all those months of writing, re-writing, scheduling, assembling, casting, and hand-crafting costumes have morphed into people delivering lines, capturing shots and, well, wearing said costumes. I’ve gotta tell ya, the footage we’ve taken so far looks pretty swell, and this upcoming weekend we’ll be filming in some more stunning locations with at least two cameras rolling. The cast will get to meet the horse playing Theodonius, Cade’s immortal steed, and we will have our first blueberry scone on set! (My character, Cade, really likes scones, and I am as excited as she is to eat them as we film.) We’ve also got a sweet sword/gun combat scene to film on Friday, and there will be much slaying and rejoicing. We’ll post more stills of filming as we go, so keep checking in!




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