Hey there, friends!

The pre-production for After Forever  is underway! The scripts are finished, the lead actors and crew have been assembled,  and auditions for the four remaining parts are scheduled for March 24th! Costume design is running smoothly, and our seamstress will begin stitching our beautiful outfits together in the next few days.

To get y’all pumped, here are some fun facts about our main character, Cade:

-She was born in 1391 in the village of Dunville.

-She has an affinity for  baked goods, especially blueberry scones.

-She once dated a notable philosopher. It didn’t end well.

-Her horse’s name is Theodonius, but people call him Ted.

Blueberry Scones!


Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek at our costume designs!


  1. Diana Swan says:

    I enjoyed your presentation….if you ever expand and need more actors,etc…….the colorfully dressed Icelandic elf,actually American petite person….from the car show Sunday…hiding from the sun….Til hammingatgju(congrats)

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